A few days ago, I blogged about changing the timezone on a Linux server. In the post, I mentioned how the zoneinfo files needed to be updated in 2007 due to congress expanding the number of days that Daylight Saving Time covers. However, I did not go in depth about how to update the zoneinfo files.

Since then, I’ve received many search queries from people looking for information about why their server did not properly update when the Daylight Saving Time change hit. For instance, I got queries of “is daylight savings default in centos”, “daylight savings time didn’t change centos”, “dst timezone change centos”, and many more. It’s clear that there are server administrators out there that are very confused about the Daylight Saving Time situation on their server.

Today, I hope to remedy that problem and give server administrators the information they need to update these zoneinfo files. I typically focus in on specific platforms, but today, I’ll try to cover as many distros as I can as well as provide a universal solution.

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