Without the Linux kernel, Ubuntu (and all the other Linux distros) would not exist. Despite this, most Linux users don’t know what a kernel is nor understand that the reason that Ubuntu is a Linux distro is because the kernel is Linux. All most users of any Linux distro is likely to know is that they will eventually have a large number of kernels installed on their system cluttering up their boot menu.

Describing what a kernel is and what it does is beyond the scope of this post. I do highly recommend that you first read the Wikipedia article on computer kernels followed by the article on the Linux kernel itself. I’d really like to do a post explaining what a kernel is in simple terms so that readers can gain a better appreciation for it and what it does for your distro. Please leave a comment letting me know if you are interested in this writeup.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. What do we do with all these kernels that litter our boot menu? How do we remove them not just from our boot menu but from our file system as well?

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