Sorry for the lack of updates. Much has happened in the past couple of months. I aim to get things back on track and keep the updates rolling. I also think that the content that I’m going to be producing will be much more valuable to my readers.

What’s Happened

Shortly after my trip to Dallas for AnimeFest, I was hired by iThemes. As a programmer, my primary responbilities lie in developing code to help improve our WordPress themes. I’ve created a mission for myself with iThemes to ensure that the themes we produce are extremely easy to use. I’m working on some great code that should help set a new benchmark for easy to use, featured-filled themes.

Some of you may remember my desire to move over to Linux. That desire has only grown more intense recently as I have gone through daily frustrations with Vista on my new office machine. I just finished building a new machine, her name is Lumière, she’s going to help me transition in full over to Linux as Windows will never be installed on this machine. I currently have Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, the pre-release beta version, installed and am loving it.

I’ve also started to get in touch with some fellow developers that I met at WordCamp Dallas 2008. It’s taken me too long to get in touch with fellow WordPress devs. Oh well.

I recently acquired the domain. I feel a new site design coming :).

What’s Next

Here’s just a taste of what’s to come:

  • My initial Ubuntu experiences.
  • I’m developing a roadmap for WordPress. This roadmap will be able to list, in order, all filters, actions, includes, requires, etc. I’m still building the code that generates all of this. Due to what it does and how I do it, I can generate a roadmap for every version of WordPress but I cannot make this a plugin. Thus, the roadmaps will have to reside on my site.
  • Updates for WP Easy Uploader are coming. One of the key features will be the ability for the uploaded files to be included in the Media Library.
  • I’m sure I can fit a rant or two about Windows and now Dell here or there.

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