So AnimeFest is about a month away. My friends and I have been planning on attending for about six months now, and we’re really getting excited. About three weeks ago, I tried to register and hit a big snag. The payment page apparently has problems since it refuses to try to process my card and tells me to call a number instead.

Fast-forward to today, and I have called that number many times and left a number of messages with callback details, I have sent multiple emails, and I have posted on the official forum. To date, I have not received a single call, email, or forum response. From looking at the forum, I’m not the only one having problems as artists and merchants are running into problems and pulling out their hair since no one will confirm or deny their registration, give them information that they require to be able to set up their table, or give them any type of response to their questions.

Worst case scenario, I have to pay for my registration when I get there. It won’t kill me, but my biggest concern is how this will affect the con in the long run. They obviously have some core logistical problems. If these problems aren’t dealt with in a timely manner, this might be a sign that AnimeFest is starting to fall apart.

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