As I’ve blogged about before, the latest kernel and sound drivers made proper use of my headphone jacks on my Dell Studio 17 laptop while running Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex.

Unfortunately, something has changed. As of this morning, only my center headphone jack functions properly. I’ve played around with many settings in the Volume Control, but I have yet to be able to re-enable the front headphone jack.

This post is just a quick notice to let any fellow Studio 17 + Ubuntu users know that I too am experiencing the problem. As soon as I find a solution, I’ll post it.

2009-02-24 Update

I just noticed that the problem has gone away. I hadn’t checked my jacks for the past few days, so I’m not sure when the problem went away.

FYI: I had a typo in my post where I put “rear headphone jack” rather than “front headphone jack”. I fixed the error.

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