I didn’t see a lot of fanfare, but the release of the WordPress Video Solution Framework plugin, also called the WordPress.com Video Server, has the potential to be huge.

Some of you may wonder why I was interested in getting FFmpeg installed again. This is the reason why: Auttomatic has released code that makes it possible (with some work and knowhow) to turn a WordPress Mu platform into a video solution.


  • Video-Uploader: A program that will load raw video files into the transcoder without making the user wait
  • Video-Transcoder
    • Takes in raw video from the Uploader
    • Transcodes the video into h.264
    • Stores the video into an mp4 container
    • Creates thumbnails
    • Sends the files and meta data to the file server
  • Video-FinalTouch
    • Receives files and data from the Transcoder
    • Copies the files into the source video’s folder
    • Updates the database tables with new video information
    • Can be customized to replicate or load files into a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Video-XML
    • Reads in information from the video such as: caption, duration, and format
    • Returns this information in XML format
    • Caches information to ensure quick performance
  • Video-AJAX: Displays the video when the transcoder has not completed processing the raw video data
  • Includes a player written in ActionScript 3 that will handle proper display of the video based upon your configuration

Final Thoughts

The notes indicate that at least some work must be done in order to make everything function. Since I have yet to try everything out yet, I don’t know exactly how much work that would be. I’ll be sure to post about my experiences and hopefully have some examples soon.

The notes also indicate that you’ll need to have a working install of FFmpeg and qt-faststart (the readme.txt file says qu-faststart, but it’s actually qt-faststart). To install FFmpeg, see Install FFmpeg and ffmpeg-php on CentOS Easily.

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