I finished watching the One Outs anime series today. I’m neither a sports fan nor a sports anime fan, yet One Outs really won me over.

One Outs is a sports genre anime about a pitcher named Tokuchi Toua. He was found and recruited to the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons by Japanese batting legend Kojima Hiromichi and is not your standard pitcher. Discovered during a game of One Outs, a betting game that pits a pitcher against a batter in a battle of wits, Tokuchi mixes his gambling proficiency, his ability to intimidate and read other players, and his strategic expertise to bring the Lycaons out of their long slump.

My personal interest in this show is how Tokuchi is extremely-creative in how he manipulates everything and everyone to his advantage. This starts when he gets his team’s owner to agree to a contract where Tokuchi is paid 5 million Yen for every player he gets out while he pays a penalty of 50 million Yen for every player that he allows to gain a run. The owner believes that the contract will result in Tokuchi paying him millions of Yen each game, but he is quickly frustrated when Tokuchi sends him a bill of 110 million Yen after the first game he pitches in.

There are currently 25 episodes, which is just half of the story at best. From the series’ Wiki page, I found One Outs was originally a manga running in Business Jump from 1998 through 2006, so there should be plenty of material for many seasons of the show. However, at this time, I have yet to find any confirmation of additional seasons. I’d really like to see them run this series at least one additional season as the story really deserves it.

The music is really bland in this series. Also, the animation isn’t anything special. Neither of these are reasons to watch the show. This show is all about the characters and story, both of which are top-notch.

While I don’t think that this show is for everyone, if you are an anime fan that likes stories involving strategy and tactics, then I highly recommend One Outs.

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