Time to release another public plugin into the wild. This plugin is a bit different in that it has nothing to do with how your site looks or operates. As a matter of fact, no one will even know that you have it, but you can rest well knowing that it is just a click away in the admin menu. For you see, WP Developer Assistant is a plugin for developers.

Now some of you may wonder what a developer needs a plugin for. Well, there are lots of reasons. The main one being that it would be a lot nicer if WordPress had a few extra tools that would make a developer’s life a lot easier. For example, being able to run any needed query from inside WordPress, being able to show PHP errors without turning them on for everyone, or uploading files and extracting archives anywhere in the site would be great tools to have, but WordPress doesn’t have anything like that… Until now!

If you are a WordPress developer, you need this plugin. You can find the full details on the WP Developer Assistant page.

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