I recently tutored a friend in C coding. Since I hadn’t worked with C in at least 8 years, I really needed to have some references to rely on for syntax and other specifics. Fortunately, there are some easy man pages that can be installed in Ubuntu that offer helpful information that I was able to use to help refresh my memory.

These man pages are easily installed by installing the manpages-dev package. You can install this package via Synaptic or directly on the command line. I like the command line method personally, so I ran sudo apt-get install manpages-dev from the command line to quickly install the package.

After installing the package, I’m able to access man pages for functions such as printf, opendir, and putc. For each function, it shows the valid syntax as well as what library is required to make use of the function.

The information isn’t limited to functions as you can also access information on the libraries, such as stdio or string.

To access any of this information, simply run man [function or library name] such as man stdio.

This package isn’t limited to C functions/libraries. It is a general use Linux development suite of man pages. For a full list of what is installed, check out the file list.

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