Today’s post is just going to be a quick tip since I just finished sitting in the car for about four hours. I spent most of the day with John P, Mrs. P, Cali Lewis, and many other fun people at the AMC Best Picture Showcase at the Northpark AMC in Dallas. Since I live in Oklahoma City, I had to do a bit of driving.

None-the-less, it was a ton of fun. I got to see some movies, get a change of scenery, meet some new people, and even got live video blogged. Anyways, on to the important stuff.

One neat trick I found out about recently when working with Nautilus is how to quickly show and hide hidden files (files or folders that begin with a dot). Simply hit Ctrl+h and the display of hidden files will be toggled. This is great to quickly gain access to hidden folders that you don’t care to type in manually.

Not only does this work in the Nautilus File Browser, but it also works in any file dialog that uses Nautilus. So, next time you are in a save or open file dialog, hit Ctrl+h to show/hide the hidden files and folders. I find this very useful in Gimp which insists on showing me all the hidden stuff by default.